The Winter Lifestyle Challenge Starts Today!

Come in any time this week to register! Below are the official rules.

2020 Winter Lifestyle Challenge Rules

This five week challenge will start on Monday, January 13, and end on Monday, February 17. During Week 1 participants will submit their participation fee of $20 cash, take a “before” pic and record their weight, measurements and whether their goal is fat loss or strength gain. The fee will go toward the monetary award at the challenge’s end and administrative costs. Then every day during the challenge participants are to accumulate as many Lifestyle points as possible. Daily points are to be logged on the Lifestyle section on Beyond the Whiteboard for the following:

⁃ Nutrition and Hydration: Click on “Good” if you adhered to your chosen nutrition regimen and drank at least 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces of water for that day. However, if you worked out that day you should drink another 20 ounces per hour of strenuous activity. For example, if you weigh 160 lbs then you should drink at least 80 ounces of water, but if you went to a CrossFit Class then add 20 ounces to make that 100 ounces of water. If you did not strictly adhere to your chosen nutrition regimen, did not drink your required amount of water, or you consumed any alcohol, sugary foods or drinks, fruit juice drinks or soft drinks (diet or regular) then you must click on “Bad”. Foods with naturally occuring sugar, like fruit, are not considered sugary foods for this challenge and are allowed. Drinks such as Lacroix, Zevia, Bubly and Fitaid Zero are allowed for the purposes of this challenge.

⁃ Sleep: Record the time you spent sleeping. The time your head hits the pillow to the time you get out of bed to start your day is considered sleep time. Any awake time during this, like getting up to go to the bathroom, does not affect the time you are alseep for the purposes of this challenge.

⁃ Mobilization: Record the time you spent stretching out, rolling out, lacrosse ball mashing, or using rubber bands or other devices to improve mobility. The 5 to 10 minutes we work on mobility in class can count toward mobility time.

⁃ Working out: Attending class is considered one hour of workout. But this can be accomplished at home or anywhere else so long as the workout session consists of at least 30 continuous minutes of physical fitness training (this includes warming up, working out, cool down and stretching). Log down your workout on BTWB to get points for this.

⁃ General well being: Indicate “Good” if you generally felt good during that day. If you felt any illness, or unusually low amount of energy then indicate “Bad”.

Participants must enter their daily progress in the Lifestyle section of the Beyond the Whiteboard app. Ideally, daily entries should be entered by the end of each day. However entries for a particular week can be made later but no later than 4:00 PM on Sundays. Entries for that week made after this deadline cannot be considered valid.

Additional bonus points can be accomplished for:

⁃ Completing a weekly physical challenge: +10 points

⁃ Completing a weekly health challenge: +10 points

⁃ Reducing your body fat percentage or increasing your muscle mass by the end of the challenge: +20 points

A physical challenge could be: complete 300 Air Squats by the end of the week. A health challenge could be: sleep at least 8 hours three times this week.

Once a challenge is completed participants are to post their accomplishment publicly on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag: #caliberlifestylechallenge

Teams will also be created. Each team’s score will be the average of all the team members’ points. When posting an accomplishment on FB or IG participants must indicate their team as either #caliberteamred or #caliberteamblack

At the challenge’s end participants will check in again, take their “after” pic and record their weight and measurements. The winner will be the one who accumulated the most points during challenge and they will be awarded two thirds of the total submitted participation fees.

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