Get Ready for the Challenge

The Winter Lifestyle Challenge is coming!

This will be a five week challenge that will start on Monday, January 13, and end on Monday, February 17. During Week 1 participants will submit a participation fee of $20 cash, take a “before” pic and record their weight, measurements and whether their goal is fat loss or strength gain. The fee will go toward the monetary award at the challenge’s end and administrative costs.

Every day during the challenge participants are to accumulate as many points as possible. Daily points are accomplished for each of the following:

– Having good nutrition and sufficient hydration
– Having a good amount of sleep
– Spending time on mobilization
– Working out
– Feeling well

Plus, there will be additional bonus points for:

– Completing a weekly physical challenge
– Completing a weekly health challenge
– Reducing your body fat percentage or increasing your muscle mass by the end of the challenge

A physical challenge could be: complete 300 Air Squats by the end of the week. A health challenge could be: sleep at least 8 hours three times this week.

Teams will also be created. Each team’s score will be the average of all the team members’ points.

At the challenge’s end participants will check in again, take their “after” pic and record their weight and measurements. The winner will be the one who accumulated the most points during challenge and they will be awarded two thirds of the total submitted participation fees.

Get ready for the Challenge!

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