Cindy Ladder

As many reps as possible in 12 mins of:
1 Strict Pull-up + 2 Push-ups + 3 Air Squats
2 Strict Pull-ups + 4 Push-ups + 6 Air Squats
3 Strict Pull-ups + 6 Push-ups + 9 Air Squats

Continue adding 1 Strict Pull-up, 2 Push-up and 3 Air Squat reps each round until time expired. Log total reps completed of each movement.

Start at a higher round if you think it will allow you to complete more reps in the 12 mins— for example: 5-10-15, then 6-12-18, then 7-14-21, etc…

Include starting and finishing point in BTWB notes.

Scale with Ring rows and Knee Push-ups.

Post: Run at 50% effort for one mile.

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