The biggest challenge in today’s workout is to find the right pace that will give you the most amount of reps in four minutes. You see, most of us can perform reps of a movement at an all out fast pace for about two minutes. We also know how to pace ourselves when we are required to perform a movement for about five to ten minutes. Just think about it, you instinctively know how much effort you should put into a 400 meter run versus a one mile run. But how about the 800 meter run? Unless you consistently train in the 800 meter Run you either run too fast and burn out quickly or not run fast enough and keep too much energy in reserve. Today’s WOD will help train you in that “middle of the road” pace. So regardless of what this post is entitled, don’t go as Hard as a Mother…

Oh, and by the way, the WOD makes for a good interval training workout too!

For Reps:
Row for Calories, 4 minutes
Rest 2 minutes
Push-ups, 4 minutes
Rest 2 minutes
24/20″ Box Jump Overs, 4 minutes
Rest 2 minutes
Pull-ups, 4 minutes

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