Tight Core!

You probably hear that a lot from us coaches. But a tight core is the foundation of all of our movements. When you’re doing a deadlift you heavily engage your core. When you do a shoulder press you need a tight core in order to get the heavy weights up. We do a lot of movements that help strenghthen our midsection. One way to develop it doing bear crawls. Just think about it, a bear crawl is like doing a traveling plank, except you are engaging and moving all those muscles that require you to do a stable plank in many dynamic ways. So when you’re doing a bear crawl not only are you flexing those core muscles but you’re working them, developing strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility, power, speed, coordination and agility – not to mention making some nice looking abs. So next time you hear about bear crawls being a workout don’t fear it, embrace the bear! Rawwrrrr.


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