A Pleasant Surprise

Siem came to us a month ago seeking help with her health and fitness. During our initial interview with her we determined that she had very low endurance, stamina and strength especially in the upper body regions. She said that she wanted to lose weight but complained of pain in the knees and feet. She also told us that she was at a point in her life where she badly needed change and direction with her health and self esteem. We then conducted a diagnostic workout to test her fitness level and reveal any other mobility and range of motion issues:

After the workout we recommended a course of private training sessions concentrating on her weaknesses, rehabilitating her knee issues and providing her guidance in nutrition. She agreed, and over the past four weeks, Siem attended nine private training sessions. During that time she saw marked improvement in her endurance, strength and stamina. She also found that she had to eat more food that she thought in order to increase her fitness level. Today marked one month since her first intial interview with us so we had her repeat her first workout:

The results were amazing! She beat her previous time by three minutes and six seconds! She could not believe it. I was also impressed as it is very rare to see such dramatic improvement in workout performance in such a short period of time. Needless to say, Siem is ecstatic with her results. But she’s not done yet. She says she wants to continue with her specialized training and she wants to see where her journey will take her next. Quite franky, we are too. Stay tuned.


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