Coach Profile: Liz Marchi


Liz Marchi, Coach

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, First Aid, CPR & AED

What kind of workouts did you do before you started CrossFit?

Before CrossFit I would run 5k’s a lot because it seemed like the trendy thing to do. I would go to the big box gym and watch The Biggest Loser or the Bachelor on the treadmill for an hour and then go sit in the hot tub for another. Then go home and eat a pizza because- hey I earned it.

What was your first CrossFit experience like?

I had just gotten the all clear to start working out again after having my son. I don’t remember specific details because of sleep deprivation at the time but I remember jumping rope and I did not get along. We still don’t but our relationship has improved.

How has CrossFit changed you in your personal life?

CrossFit has made so many changes for me personally. I just feel more confident in myself and my abilities all around. When I first came to Caliber I was so shy and introverted and now I’ve gotten to know so many great people. I’ve been able to overcome a lot of my introversion at work as well and been able to take on a lot of new opportunities and connections.

What kind of music do you like to WOD to?

I like a little bit of everything, I like to rock and being a former Chicago Catholic School Girl I do love some good booty shaking music.

What are your favorite movements or workout?

I love pull ups!

What movements or workout do you hate the most?

Jumping Rope.

What made you decide to become a CrossFit Instructor?

A lot of things, I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in health and wellness in some fashion but I was never sure what sustainable direction I could take that in. Since turning 30 I’ve made it my goal to make my 30’s more productive both personally and professionally. I work in HR for my day job and a lot of what I do focuses on career development and finding new ways to do that. CrossFit helps me with my facilitation skills and teaching others. Every class I teach helps give me that much more confidence the next day in the office when I have to present something or help guide an employee.


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