Punctuality is the Politeness of Kings

Hey everyone, we are seeing a lot of new faces lately and classes are getting a lot bigger! This is really awesome, and we’re looking forward to seeing a lot of you grow with us. Because we have a lot of new members, thorough and careful instruction on the movements of CrossFit during class is paramount. Our Instructors have to use their time more efficiently and effectively during class. We thus have to eliminate things that cut into and interrupt a class. Number one is tardiness.

We ask that you come to class on time. Coming in late not only disrupts and distracts a class, but may cause you to miss out on special instruction on the workout or the movements. It cuts into class time when an instructor has to repeat herself to a member because he was not there when she originally made the same statement to the class. It is also common courtesy, and you show respect to others in your class who make an effort to show up on time so that the class can start on time.

We also ask that if you want to participate in class, reserve a spot online for yourself, and do not just show up. This helps prevent overcrowding in the class. This also gives the instructor a heads up as to who will be in the class and number of people who will be in it. Plus, I spend over $150 a month on this system. It should be money well spent. If you want to come into class at the last minute you can always call or text to see if there is space.

Thank you!

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