The Zone Seminar is this Saturday!


It’s coming! Get in on this helpful and informative class!

The Zone diet, created by Barry Sears, is a finely tuned diet that increases energy, enhances well being, burns fat and builds muscle. This seminar will meet on two consecutive Saturdays, and in it we will:

-Help you understand the Zone diet

-Develop an easy method of calculating Zone food blocks

-Calculate each participant’s Zone block requirements, and

-Help you create zone meals and snacks tailored to your current macronutrient needs and food preferences.

-You will then leave the first session with a good understanding of what to eat, and how and when to eat your Zone meals.

-Between the first session and the second you will then record your progress on our preprinted Zone Log.

-When you come into the second session we will review your logs and help you further fine tune your performance in the Zone.

Even if you have already achieved considerable fitness goals, eating in the Zone can take you even further. Get ready to accomplish more than you ever thought possible in your diet and fitness!

The next Zone seminar will be on Saturdays, August 27 and September 3 at 10 am. Fee is $30. Sign up for it on the Specialty Classes tab in your Mindbody scheduler!


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