What is CrossFit?

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CrossFit incorporates functional movements with specialized nutrition to produce unparalleled fitness results. The workouts are comprised of cardiovascular, gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting exercises that are constantly varied, functional and executed at high intensity. The movements performed in the workouts are compound in nature, using multiple muscle groups, and rarely is the same workout performed twice.  Pushing, pulling, lifting, squatting, running, and throwing are combined and varied in endless combinations to create workouts that are not only fun, but are designed to develop all-around fitness.

Functional Fitness

Compound movements are inherent in all the activities that we do. On any given day we lift objects, carry things over distances, walk up stairs and squat down to sit. Sometimes we run, sometimes we climb, and at times we may find it necessary to leap, throw or strike. Each of these movements requires the use of many muscle groups and joints to achieve a specific functional result. Training and exercising with functional movements therefore enhances a person’s natural abilities and ultimately improves one’s quality of life. But even more, functional fitness serves to create a higher standard of physical development.

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Fitness of a Higher Caliber

In the world of CrossFit, one is considered “fit” if he or she is able to excel in many different modes and levels of physical activity. Proficiency must be developed in the following ten domains: cardiovascular endurance, strength, stamina, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. None of these should dominate, but each should be dominated.  Along with this, each of these domains should be cultivated and practiced along a wide continuum of energy levels.  One must be accustomed to using a low amount of energy for a prolonged period of time such as is done in long distance running or cycling. One must also be able to expend a very high amount of energy for only a short amount of time such as in sprinting or deadlifting a very heavy weight. The goal is to produce a type of fitness that can tackle almost any physical challenge. The idea is that if you take a “virtual hopper” of physical feats and fill it with various actions such as “run 5k”, “climb a wall” or “lift 200 pounds” and randomly draw one, two or even three actions from it, a truly fit person would be able to complete anything that is drawn. Fitness in the CrossFit scheme is thus more than being able to compete in a running, biking or swimming competition. In the world of CrossFit, one works to develop the capacity of a track athlete, gymnast and Olympic weightlifter all at once.

The CrossFit Method

From this broad conception of fitness CrossFit has developed a methodology that has helped people to become stronger, faster and more powerful than they thought possible. This program has been described as “broad, general and inclusive”, and consequently has been sought after by military, firefighter and police agencies around the world. However, in application the workouts can be scaled to any person’s fitness level. The needs of the Olympic gymnast, elite soldier and stay-at-home mom differ in degree and not in kind.  The only thing that changes is the intensity and load, not the movements. If you seek a potent fitness regimen to help lose weight, increase your fitness level or enhance your natural abilities training in the CrossFit methodology can help you accomplish your goal.

Courtesy of CrossFit, Inc.

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