CrossFit Group Classes

All CrossFit group classes are conducted in a small group atmosphere where proper form and safety is observed. They usually run for about an hour, and consist of a warm up, skill practice, the Workout of the Day, or what we call the WOD, then a cool-down period. You will find the day’s WOD changes every day. One day may concentrate on strength training, the next may be predominantly cardio, or metabolic conditioning. While another day may be a heady blend of both. There is no rhyme or reason to the workouts. This is intentional. But there is a plan. At first blush the WOD’s may seem a bit too much. What you see written on the whiteboard is meant for those with an elite level of fitness. If you don’t posses this level don’t worry, the coach will show you how scale the WOD down to match closely with what you can do. The only thing that changes is the amount of weight and intensity, but not the movements. Everyone works out and finishes to the best of their ability, and at the end of the day everyone gets what they came for, a great workout!


New to CrossFit?

If you have never done CrossFit before, don’t worry, we will help you concentrate on form and technique first before adding any weight or speed to the movements. Also we’ll help you with basic nutrition and principles that will guide you to the results that you want. You will achieve the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to take you far in your fitness journey.

Intermediate and Advanced CrossFit Students

After learning and developing competency in the basic CrossFit movements, students can increase their intensity, pace and energy. It is at this point that students develop more complex skills in weightlifting and gymnastics movements, and learn how to continually push their limits.

Personal Instruction

Personal training is also available for both experienced and inexperienced CrossFitters:

New to fitness?
For those who are new to fitness training we diagnose and determine their fitness goals and weaknesses. After that we program a regimen that builds endurance and kinesthetic awareness while establishing a strong nutritional foundation for the client. From here we progress to strength and stamina building where the client can ultimately achieve confidence in taking their fitness training further.

Experienced at CrossFit?
Experienced CrossFitters can schedule one-on-one training sessions with staff to help with skill development, nutrition guidance, a strength training regimen or mobility issues. You can schedule 30 or 60 minute sessions with a coach.

One-on-one personal consultation is the best way to hone in your skills, target your weaknesses and get valuable insight on what to do to get to where you want to go in your fitness journey.

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