What is it with you CrossFitters?

Why is it that CrossFitters can’t shut up? Why all these social media posts and videos about how we just PR’ed this and Snatched that, and when we get together at social functions and you, the non-CrossFitter, gets invited to one of our parties, you feel all intimidated and alien to this world?

To understand all this CrossFit strangeness you have to take a look inside the daily CrossFit community. CrossFit’s community is unique. Now I don’t know about other boxes out there, but at my gym beginner, intermediate and advanced CrossFitters all take classes together. Within this heady mix of members are teachers, police officers, construction workers, students, salespeople, attorneys, IT techs, stay-at-home moms, nurses… you name it. They all come to class from different backgrounds and jobs, meet and greet and talk about their day, then suffer through a difficult and arduous workout together. The advanced members usually finish the workout first and when they do, they turn around, come back and cheer on members who are still agonizing their way through. Afterwards, congratulatory high-fives and fist bumps go around. Everyone rehashes the workout- how the running sucked, how the Burpees somehow felt like a relief, how I could have gone faster and rested less and so on. And then there is always this one member, still on the floor, trying to catch his breath while others come by and check on him, and slap him some fives.

So many different people come togther in each class. People become friends with those they never thought they would meet, much less become friends with. Advanced CrossFitters regularly give encouragement and advice to novices, and they, in turn, garner hope and inspiration from those who are more experienced. And from this heady mix of cameraderie and chaos comes unique bonds of friendship that not only help foster well rounded fitness and health, but also provides personal fulfillment far beyond the gym.

So let’s take a look into those social media posts. For instance, some people may see a post about someone doing a Muscle-up and think, “Wow, there she goes again. What a narcissist. Look at what she can do now. Good for you. Keep scrolling.” If you’re not a CrossFitter and have never done CrossFit before I can see how such a thought can arise. But from the CrossFitter’s point of view that video represents months or even years of hard work, failure after failure, days of aches, pains and soreness and seemingly endless frustration from no-reps. And then on this day, this moment, she finally gets it and someone had the prescience to document it on camera. To her this post was about glowing acheivement coming from hard work and dedication. It was not about “Look at me, I’m so awesome!” Those in the CrossFit community and even those who come from other athletic arenas immediately recognize this and come together in the virtual world to celebrate with her in these special moments. So if this comes off as offensive, just know that we’re just being happy!

We can’t stop talking about CrossFit because, to us, each day is a truly amazing experience. There is always something new to learn and something to improve upon. We are always meeting different, inspirational and fascinating people. The friendships and bonds that we create become lifelong and enhance our lives beyond the boundaries of the box. Life seems to get just a little better every day, and we’re always wondering what new and exciting thing will happen next.

This is what is up with us CrossFitters.

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