Target Your Weaknesses

After having done CrossFit for a while you’ve probably figured out that there are some workouts and movements that you love to do (like Cindy and Cleans), and then there are those that you dread and fear the most (like Fran and Overhead Squats). A great thing about CrossFit is that it’s all about General Physical Preparedness or GPP programming. And that’s why you started CrossFit in the first place right? You wanted to be good at doing gymnastics movements, as well as be an awesome weightlifter and have great cardio all at the same time (not to mention you wanted to reap the side effects of an awesome looking body in the process).

But the problem with people who do GPP training is that they tend to cherry-pick, consciously or not. People will eventually pick and choose which workouts they do depending upon how good or bad it will make them feel- “I suck at Overhead Squats and it’s a cold and rainy day and I have a fricken deadline at work that’s going to make me work into the night and and on top of that I won’t be seeing my kids until the weeknend so why the fuck am I going to compound this already sucky day by doing Overhead Squats?”


Let’s rewind and do a little attitude adjustment- “It’s Overhead Squat day. Shit. I know it’s my shoulder mobility and I have not worked on that in a while. Maybe I can ask Coach to show me that mobility technique that helps me with my shoulder again. Maybe I should go lighter this time and work on form. This day is going to suck as it is, but if I get the Overhead Squat it will make my day, hell, it will make my year! And if not, oh well, there’s always next time.”

Remember why you started CrossFit in the first place. So you can experience and develop all the awesome things that a GPP program can give you. If you’ve done CrossFit for some time you already know about a lot of the confidence boosting, physiological and psychological benefits that have manifested in your life so far. But know that you haven’t seen everything yet. There is so much more out there. You just have to break through those barriers to get to them. So if a workout or a movement scares you, that is the one that you should be doing and not avoiding.

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