New to CrossFit? Here are some helpful tips.

Tips to help you progress smoothly and safely:

1. Learn more about why CrossFit is such a powerful training methodology. Start here: Then, starting today, and for the rest of your life, eat the right foods in the right amounts. Your workouts alone will not give you the results that you want. You’ve got to change at the molecular level first before you can see any real changes in your fitness levels and performance. CrossFit’s general guide for nutrition is: “Eat meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.” But every so often you have to enjoy life. So you can have a slice of pizza and a beer once in a while! Do some research in the Paleo Diet and the Zone Diet. We have found that most of our members have had the best success with these nutrition regimens.

2. Come in to work out every day that you are able, at least three times a week, to get the results that you want. Do not cherry pick your workouts. If a WOD (workout of the day) intimidates you, this is the WOD that you should be doing and not avoiding. A good workout schedule is three days on, one day off. Another alternative is five days on, two days off.

3. Pick up after yourself – return equipment where you found them. Clean up after yourself – wipe up your equipment with the disinfectant disposable wipes after you’re done.

4. Take advantage of our fitness check-in program. Make an initial appointment with a coach who will learn about your fitness goals, record your body weight and measurements and give you advice on how to achieve your goals. You will then meet with this coach about once a month to check on your progress, retake measurements and help fine tune any efforts to help you reach your goals. This program is free for members so reach out to any of us at any time!

Also, record your workout results. This will help with your fitness progress. We have a great online platform for this- it’s called Beyond the Whiteboard. Go to and use our promo code: CFCCODE

5. All our workouts are scalable to your fitness level and abilities. For at least the first month you should do the WOD at the Beginner Level. This level of workout involves less weight, less intensity and substitute movements. Even if you know you can lift a certain weight or do a certain movement, your body needs time to adjust to the intensity of our workouts. There is no sense in doing a workout that will destroy your body so much that you cannot come back in to work out until several days afterward. Scaling down the workout will enable you to get back into it sooner. Your coaches will tell you when you are ready to do a workout beyond the Beginner Level.

6. Attitude is everything. Come in with an open mind and leave your ego at the door and you will go far. Come in thinking that you are going to kill it every time and you will get discouraged fast. Go slow at first. Learn how to do the movements properly with light weight or no weight. Only after you can do a movement with good form and technique should you go faster or heavier.

7. Finally, our community is the heart and soul of our gym. It will help you stay focused and keep pushing you to be at your best. Encourage each other and cheer each other on during the WOD. If you are on Facebook, search for and request to join our private group, the CrossFit Caliber Private Forum. Learn from our experienced CrossFitters, they will be more than happy to answer your questions. But most of all listen to your coaches, they are there to help you stay safe and get the best fitness results possible.

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