A little experiment

So I was going over some prior blogs and came across this little experiment from seven years ago. Back then we were only 5 members strong and almost every CrossFitter was on the Paleo diet or doing the Zone. It was an experiment to see how food effects athletic performance. Since then there have been many other diets CrossFitters have been trying such as Carb Backloading, counting macros, etc. But one principle still prevails- the more one adheres to the Paleo diet standards of eating unprocessed meats, vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits, and stays away from grains, starches, sugars and dairy, the more one will perform at their best across broad times and modal domains. In other words, the cleaner your diet, the more intense your workouts will be, resulting in the best fitness results possible. It’s been seven years since we’ve done this experiment. Maybe it’s time to do it again?

Check out the experiment here: https://crossfitcaliber.com/2011/05/13/our-paleo-experiment/

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