Competitor Spotlight: Rebecca F.

Rebecca F.

CrossFitting since: September 2015

Workouts or movements I like to do: Rope climbs, man-makers, back squats and deadlifts make me feel bad to the bone.

I need to improve on: Speeding up my pace in general; I’m a pretty slow and steady wins the race kind of girl. Also pushing myself to the next level. It usually just takes someone saying “Do it!” and I will, so if you’re working out with me, do me a favor and give me that nudge.

Have you done the Open before? If so how many times?


What are you looking forward to in the Open?

A little friendly competition against my secret rivals, lol.

What are you not looking forward to?

My dumb tennis elbows acting up.

Are you anticipating a “first” in the Open, like a first Pull-up, Box Jump or Muscle up? How about a PR?

A PR would be great. The Muscle Up is a dream I’ve had ever since I saw a video of Lee Ann K. doing one two years ago.

When you get into that “dark place” in a workout how do you get through it?

Break it up into little chunks I can handle, the way I manage anything sucky. Slow down if I have to. Tell myself crossly to get over myself…it’s okay if I finish last because it’s still badass to finish. I can only remember quitting one workout, and it’s the quitting that defeats you. Never again!

Favorite workout music or song?

No favorite, love a variety.

If you were to choose either “Murph” or “Fran” for a workout of the day which would it be?


I like … feeling like Xena, Princess Warrior at age 37. I’d never considered myself an athlete, but CrossFit has redefined me in my own eyes. I love what my body can do…all these secret talents and abilities I never explored in my 20s, and activities like rope climbing I thought I left behind in grade school. It’s so fun to be an “adult” but run around like a nutball kid. And lift heavy s#%@.


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