Open Competitor Spotlight: Elba W.

Elba W.

CrossFitting since: 2013

Workouts or movements I like to do: I love when it’s deadlift day… 300 I’m coming for you this year… clean and jerks, and body weight movements

I need to improve on: Overhead squats and pull ups

Have you done the Open before? If so how many times?

This will be my 5th open.

What are you looking forward to in the Open?

I love the atmosphere and excitement and fun we create here at Caliber. The anticipation of waiting to hear what the next WOD is.

Are you anticipating a “first” in the Open, like a first Pull-up, Box Jump or Muscle up? How about a PR?

I’m always hoping to PR something. Maybe a nice Overhead squat.

When you get into that “dark place” in a workout how do you get through it?

I really just try to block everyone out. The people. The music. The noise. I pretend it’s just me and the WOD. Sometimes it’s the only way to get through it.

Favorite workout music or song?

A good rap song or some heavy Metallica

If you were to choose either “Murph” or “Fran” for a workout of the day which would it be?

Murph 100 times over Fran!!!! 100% Murph!!!!

I like … (fill in the blanks) PIZZA… I like pizza 🙂


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