Open Competitor Spotlight: Marius G.

The 2018 CrossFit Games Open is just around the corner! This is a great time for CrossFitters to test their abilities and do the same workouts as other CrossFitters around the world. Compete with and compare yourselves to other athletes in your age and fitness level. See how you do alongside others in your box, region, and the world. The spirit and competitive atmosphere of the Open also pushes you to accomplish things you never thought possible. Many times athletes achieve their first Pull-up or Muscle-up, or get a huge weightlifting PR during the Open. Do it to enhance your fitness, do it for your box or do it for fun! It’s Christmastime for CrossFitters! Check it out and sign up for it here.

To celebrate the Open, we’ll be featuring our Open competitors every so often. Here’s our first:

Marius G.

CrossFitting since:
December 2016

Workouts or movements I like to do:
Weightlifting, running, cardio and gymnastics movements.

I need to improve on:
Pull ups, Rowing, Flexibility

Have you done the Open before? If so how many times?
This is my first time Open.

What are you looking forward to in the Open?
To improve my overall fitness shape and to get a good score.

What are you not looking forward to?
I don’t want to get injured.

Are you anticipating a “first” in the Open, like a first Pull-up, Box Jump or Muscle up? How about a PR?
Muscle up.

When you get into that “dark place” in a workout how do you get through it?
I push it harder, and try to go beyond my limits. My motto is “Quiting is never an option during the workouts.”

Favorite workout music or song?
Speed Metal : Ministry -NWO

If you were to choose either “Murph” or “Fran” for a workout of the day which would it be?
Definitely Murph ! It has it all.

I like to push myself harder during the wod’s, I enjoy seeing visible results.


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