Time to dial it in.

A lot of you are looking to make some great improvements to your fitness during this time of year. As we all know, everything fitness related starts with nutrition. Whatever nutritional plan you follow, whether it’s Paleo, Zone, Macros counting or just plain clean eating, stick with it. If your goal is to lose weight avoid gluten, fatty foods, sugars, and high glycemic carbs. If you want to build muscle strength eat lots of protein coupled with high density carbs and good fats. But most importantly eat these foods in the right amounts. Following a diet regimen really helps. We have the Lurong Challenge coming up which has proven to be very effective. We also have our periodic check-in system, which a lot of you are taking advantage of and are seeing some great improvements so far. But whatever you do, know that your CFC coaches are there for you and are ready to help you if you need. Shoot us an email, text or take us aside before or after class if you have questions. We want to help you kill it this year!


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