Are you a Short Timer?

Recently, I came across this plaque that was given to me a long time ago. It was a Special Commendation presented to me on my last day as an Assistant State’s Attorney, and I had forgetten about it because it was stored away in a box for about ten years. My first reaction was, “Wow, look at this! I used to be a big deal!” Then I remembered my last two weeks in the Office of the State’s Attorney. As soon as word spread of my resignation there was the usual commotion, “Where is he going? Who’s going to take over his courtroom? Is he leaving on good terms? Did something happen?” Yada, yada, yada.

During those last few days, one of my colleaugues said to me in passing, “Hey, Short Timer, don’t give up the house, OK?” I was like, “What’s a Short Timer?” Oddly I had never heard of that expression before. She told me, “You know, now that you are leaving you can get away with being lenient on defendants and not have to worry about getting fired.”

Huh? What? Really? I was geniunely surprised. Then the waves of unusual requests started coming in from criminal defense attorneys with the likes of “Come on, you can agree on Court Supervision on this case, no one is going to care…” It was amazing! I mean, I had sworn an Oath to, among other things, conduct myself with the utmost integrity, and uphold and honor the values of the Office of the State’s Attorney! (Yes, it was that hokey. And yes, it was that serious.) Not to mention that I just wasn’t wired that way. I was still a Law Enforcement Officer, dammit!

How does this all tie in to CrossFit? Well, at the end of a grueling WOD, when you only have about 2 minutes left, do you perform sloppy reps, slow down and say, “Oh my gosh this is almost over, I’m almost done! No one cares about these half-ass, No Reps. Just be done with it.” Or, during the last few minutes of a workout do you stay true to yourself, redo any reps that you half-assed, and go even faster and harder than you ever did during the workout? I hope you are the latter. Because that’s how you get the fitness results that you want. That’s how you get stronger, better and faster. That’s how you PR. And maybe, ten years from now, you can stumble across some old records or videos of your workouts and genuinely say, “Wow, look at this! I was badass!”


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