What can I do?

There was a child in me that used to believe I could do anything. That kid remembers laying down on the ground on a hot summer night, looking up at the sky, seeing billions of stars and thinking about the endless possibilities of what life will bring, and that kid was so excited. That kid grew up and slowly discovered that there were things he could do and could not do. He thought, “I can’t become a lawyer. I’m not smart enough for law school. And anyway, I don’t want to waste my time studying when I can be doing things that can make difference in the world. I can get a Criminal Justice degree and be something like a cop instead…” That kid then sustained a back injury where he could not walk for 8 weeks, “What do I do now? I can’t walk, run or work out anymore! I’m screwed! But I can read, learn new things, and write while I’m healing…” Then the kid wanted to be his own boss and run his own business someday, “But I don’t have the money, I’ve never run a business before, I don’t know how… But I can work for an entreprenuer, I can watch and observe and learn…”

There are bunch of things you can’t do, it may be like Row 2000 meters, do 200 Double Unders and Run 2 miles. But can you Row 500 meters instead? How about 1000? Can you do 200 Single Unders? Can you Run 800 meters? How about a mile? I bet you can.


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