Specialty Classes

We have two Seminars coming up! The first one will be the Gymnastics Seminar on June 11 at 10 am and the Mobility Seminar on June 25 at 10 am.


Gymnastics Seminar
In this seminar we will cover the progressions for achieving the Kipping Pull-up, Handstand Push-up and Rope Climb in a slow paced, lecture setting where participants can observe the basic progressions and learn their application. Practical application will then follow as participants perform each progression step by step. Elements of each progression will be repeated until the student has an understanding of how to apply the techniques to eventually attain the movement. The gymnastics movements of the Pull-up, Handstand Push-up and Rope Climb not only enable you to do the workouts Rx’ed but they increase strength development, core control and spatial awareness all of which improve your abilites in CrossFit! If you think you are close to achieving any of these movements this seminar is for you! $30.

Sign up for the Gymnastics Seminar under the Specialty Classes tab on Mindbody.


Mobility Seminar
This seminar is a hands-on workshop to learn the principles and techniques for improving movement, resolving pain and preventing injury- the ultimate goal being optimizing athletic performance. We’ll tackle common movement errors that cause physical impediments and inefficient movement. Then we’ll work on specific techniques to maximize range of motion and improve performance. In the end you’ll get a better grasp on how to move more effectively and efficiently to create more power in your workouts. $30.

Sign up for the Mobility Seminar under the Specialty Classes tab on Mindbody.


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