Murph Avenged


The minefield.

Imagine that Lieutenant Michael Murphy had offspring. Imagine that they wanted to avenge the death of their father. This is their story…


Sprinting 800 meters from the landing zone to the perimeter of the terrorist compound, they traverse over a river using a steel bridge by hanging underneath it, going hand over hand, to the other side. On the ground, they stay low and crawl over a minefield to the ammunition building. Once there they quickly obtain an IED consisting of 45 lb or 25 lb explosives, then they wade 50 feet through a muddy stream, keeping the explosive overhead to keep it dry. Reaching the other side they lay the explosive at the base of the main building and wait one minute for a roving patrol to pass by.

They do this three times over, setting off no mines, because if they did they would have to do five burpees for each mine.


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