Athlete Profile: Heather



I am: Not someone that likes to work out… the gym is not my friend! But that’s why I love Crossfit… No WOD is ever the same. It keeps it interesting so I keep coming back!

What celebrity would you like to CrossFit with? Bob Harper… He’s an avid Crossfit junkie… and from what I see of him on The Biggest Loser, he’d certainly motivate and push me!

What would your Superhero powers be? I’d like the power to heal… I’m so damn sore after most WODs! 🙂

How do you de-stress? I catch up on my TV shows or more recently reading a good book; usually with a glass of wine.

What do you miss about being a kid? No responsibility or worries… and having summers off!

What is one quirky thing about you? I have been skydiving twice… and I would do it a million more times. Total adrenaline rush!

What is one of your proudest moments? Making in on the CrossFit Caliber board: AMRAP 7! Proved to myself that I can Crossfit with the best of them!

If you had to eat Paleo for the rest of your life, but were still allowed one non-Paleo item; what would it be? Oh alcohol… Wine, Beer, Margaritas… Booze! (Yes, I’m aware this may make me sound like an alcoholic… ha ha).

CrossFit Caliber is: Like home! I’ve met great friends at Crossfit Caliber, as well as brought great friends to the box. Everyone is so supportive of each other and pushes me beyond the limits I thought I had.

Advice for new CrossFitters: Don’t feel overwhelmed! Yes, the workouts are daunting… but they can be modified for all fitness levels. And even though the WODs suck while you are doing them, there is a great feeling of achievement when you are done!

In one word, CrossFit is: Life changing (okay, so that’s two words… sue me!)


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