Getting High


Three rounds for time of:
30 Pull-ups
155/125 lb Deadlift, 30 reps
30 Box jump, 24/20″

Climbing Squat Snatch


Seven rounds for reps of:
15 foot Rope Climb, 1 minute
135/95 lb Squat Snatch, 1 minute


Lurong Mini WOD Challenge:
As many reps as possible in 5 minutes of:
Triple unders,
Double unders or
Single unders

The Winner of Day One!

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Congratulations to Tim N., the winner of Day One of the Bear Complex Challenge! He won by lifting 57% of his body weight, 115 lbs, during the fifth round of the Bear Complex.

Here’s how the rest of the challengers did:
Lee Ann – 85 lbs (56%)
Inga – 75 lbs (50%)
Elba – 60 lbs (44%)
Jason – 105 lbs (44%)
Kelly – 60 lbs (29%)

Day Two will be on Saturday, February 21. On this day the challengers will meet again. But this time we will see who has the best rate of improvement since Day One.

Great job everyone!

Reverse Filthy

For time:
50 Double unders
50 Burpees
50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
50 Back extensions
50 Push press, 45 pounds
50 Knees to elbows
Walking Lunge, 50 steps
50 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Box jump, 24 inch box

The Bear Complex Challenge


The Bear Complex Challenge is today!

Join us for this awesome and fun challenge! The Bear Complex is:

Seven sets of:
Power Clean
Front Squat

Then rest for up to three minutes, and then repeat for a total of five rounds. Try to increase the load each round.

The object is to perform a seven set round with the heaviest bar that you can handle without releasing the bar and without resting the bar on the floor. The bar must touch the floor in between sets, but cannot rest for longer than one second.

Challenge Details
To participate in the Challenge the athlete must show up today at 9:00 am and submit a $20 participation fee. Two-thirds of the fees collected will constitute the Prize for the Challenge. Half of the Prize will be awarded to the winner of Day One and the other half will be awarded to the winner of Day Two.

On Day One the athlete must perform the Bear Complex while observed by a Judge.

After the athlete completes the workout, the athlete’s heaviest load successfully completed will be recorded. At the end of Day One, the athlete with the highest bar weight to body weight ratio wins the first half of the Prize.

The formula for determining the ratio is: Weight on Bar/Athlete’s body weight

Day Two will be approximately five weeks later. On this day the athlete will perform the Bear Complex again, and the heaviest load successfully completed will be recorded. The athlete who accomplishes the best rate of improvement since Day One wins the second half of the Prize.

The formula for determining rate of improvement is: (Weight on Day Two – Weight on Day One)/Weight on Day One

The Movement Standards

Power Clean: Bar starts on the floor, is cleaned off the floor and ends in the front rack position.

Front Squat: With the bar in the front rack position, the athlete squats below parallel with the hip crease below the knees, then stands with full knee and hip extension.

Push-press: The bar starts in the front rack position (or across the back and shoulders if coming off a Back Squat) and ends in the overhead position with the arms fully extended. The arms, elbows, hips, knees and legs are all fully extended and in line with the athlete’s midline.

Back Squat: With the bar resting on the back and shoulders, the athlete squats below parallel with the hip crease below the knees, then stands with full knee and hip extension.

Special Notes

The Bear Complex can be executed, in the alternative, by performing a Squat Clean, then a Thruster, then a Back Squat and then another Thruster (from the behind the neck) so long as all the movement standards above are met. The Push-press can also be substituted with a Push-jerk or Split-jerk so long as the feet and legs are brought back in line with the athlete’s midline. The Shoulder press can also be performed instead of the Push-press.

If a no-rep occurs during a seven set round, the athlete can do the rep over until the rep is deemed acceptable. If the bar is dropped or released from the hands during a seven set round, the round is over and is considered unsuccessful. If the bar rests on the floor for more than one second, the round is over and is considered unsuccessful.

Open Gym


Come in to work on a skill, do a missed WOD or lift heavy. Suggested workout:

As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
10 Pull-ups
10 Box Jumps 24/20″
10 Ball Slams 30/20 lbs

Athlete Spotlight: Kelsey


Name: Kelsey C.

Hometown: Paxton, IL

Age: 26

Occupation: Marketing Specialist for Claire’s Corporate

When did you first start CrossFitting? September 2013

When did you first start training at CFC? September 2013

Favorite WOD: starting to really enjoy all squats, pull-ups, double-unders.

Least Favorite WOD: box jumps and clean and jerk (even though I’ve only done it a few times, I can’t seem to get the rhythm down)

Tell us about your sports & fitness background: I played sports all through high school, worked out some in college – mostly just cardio and free weights. I didn’t know much about really lifting weights until I joined CFC. I also took up running half marathons the last 2 years.

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit? Take us back to your first WOD… what was it, and how did it feel?: I kept hearing about Crossfit and wanted to know what the hype was about. I saw a Groupon for CFC and it was close to my new job so I thought I would give it a shot. My first WOD was back squats and I was amazed at how far I could actually get down! I even remember Liz telling me “you’ve got really nice form!”

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting CF? (before / after): I have seen a lot more definition in my body since I started at CFC. Overall I have a lot of energy, motivation and feel more confident about my body.

What sort of changes in your life have you experienced out of taking on something like CrossFit that were totally unexpected?: Besides changes in my body, I am definitely more motivated!

Please share with us any favorite CrossFit / CFC moments: One of my favorite moments at CFC was the fundraiser WOD for Elba and her husband! There was so much energy in the room and everyone kicked butt. The grilling out and drinking afterwards was also fun! I would like to see CFC do more weekend events like that. (good team building)

Any advice for people just getting started? Stick with it! You will be amazed at what you are capable of. A year ago I thought it was impossible for me to even do half of the stuff I can do now. Its satisfying and gives you that “hurt so good” feeling that you won’t want to stop. Oh, and don’t be embarrassed. Everyone cheers you on!

What are your hobbies, interests and/or talents outside of CrossFit?: I love to spend time with family and friends, shop, read books, organize and expand my graphic design skills.